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Here is no "server not found" anymore!

My new friends always tell me my site is down, so I think it is necessary to create a page for .

Uh. Let me explain it. Actually, I just don't have spare time to keep writing articles on my blog, and I don't want to leave a ruin on the Internet, so I closed my blog on 2011-10-12. But I am still using this domain, and wishing I will reopen my blog.

Maybe I will reopen my blog recently ... Anyway, I at least made this page.

If you are interesting in me, here is my short bio:

  1. I am working for Pinkoi now.
  2. A speaker at PyCon APAC/MY 2017
  3. A speaker at PyCon TW 2017
  4. A speaker at PyCon APAC/KR 2016
  5. A speaker at PyCon TW 2016
  6. A speaker at PyCon HK 2015
  7. A speaker at TEDxNTUST 2015
  8. A speaker at COSCUP 2014
  9. A speaker at PyCon SG 2014
  10. A speaker at PyCon APAC/TW 2014
  11. A speaker at OSDC 2014
  12. A speaker at PyCon APAC/JP 2013
  13. A speaker at COSCUP 2013
  14. A speaker at PyCon TW 2013
  15. A speaker at SITCON 2013
  16. A speaker at PyCon JP 2012
  17. A speaker at PyCon TW 2012
  18. 2010-2014 An instructor for Python courses, for OSSF mostly.
  19. 2009-2014 A member of COSCUP team
  20. 2009-2012 A member of Ubuntu-TW LoCo team

Here are some links which relate to me:

  1. Github - Here are my personal projects,
  2. PyPI - and the projects which uploaded to PyPI.
  3. Speaker Deck - I put my slides here,
  4. SlideShare - or here.
  5. Facebook - just too popular to resist it.
  6. Twitter - I just start using it.
  7. Plurk - I have posted some notes on it.
  8. LinkedIn - if you are using.

Or you can reach me via email, mosky dot tw at gmail dot com.

That's all. :)

Mosky Liu Python Charmer

A memorial

For the best user experience, I had checked this page is rendered acceptably on 13 combinations of different platforms and browsers. It is a tired work, but I had enjoyed in this work. :P

It may sound silly, but I did take screenshots for all cases. It may be considered a memorial for working hard.

Maybe you can choose a best browser and platform from my result.


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